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Highly recommend

“I like this app a lot. It’s really helpful for improving your Korean.”


Simple and Lovely

“I've been looking for something like this for ages. I found it through a random google search and I'm very pleased with it so far. I can't wait for all the stories available on the site to also be available on the app, I like re-reading them to reinforce the words”


i love this app

“i’m so glad the website finally got an app. it is so convenient and the gui is very nice. it really is a great app and helps reinforce grammar and vocabulary.”


“There needs to be more apps like this, I love the fact there is instant translation below. Best korean story app for learning Korean.”

Sarah P

“Awesome app, it works great! The buttons are really responsive. Everything is neat and pleasant to look at. Ads are not intrusive.”

Dave Dave

“This is such a great app to widen vocabulary, it's good to have difficulty levels and word definitions”

Rosette B

“Great if you are learning Korean, it also has stories for higher level readers very good👍”


“Very good app with English translations and vocabularies.”


“Now, I have worked through all the available 'Beginner' and 'Intermediate' stories. This reading practice has been outstanding. In all my years of exposure to Korean, I have found nothing to match your stories. ... I sincerely thank you for your excellent work.”


“A very good app for learning Korean Language esp on reading part.”


“안녕! this is my opinion on “story Korean” so, this is a great app! ... This app is super effective and I can now read almost as fast in korean as in English! 100% recommend!”


How it works

Follow these simple steps to improve your Korean

  • Start with a story that matches your Korean level

    Choose from a variety of stories that align with your current skill in Korean.

  • Read the story and use English translations

    Improve your comprehension by reading the stories and checking the English translations to learn new words.

  • Test your knowledge with a quiz

    Take a short quiz to test your understanding of the story and review the vocabulary you’ve learned.